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Wiring Legend for an Elan S4

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The following tables were created by reviewing the wiring diagram in the Lotus Elan Workshop Manual. The wiring diagram is 12" by 15". I used a local copy shop was able to enlarge it to a 24" by 36". I have an original plastic laminated. I use another copy to show changes I have made to the wiring diagram for my car. For example, my car does not have the rear courtesy lights and rear window heater. I have removed these from the wiring diagram that is specific to my car. From this enlarged copy I modified the standard Lucas Wiring Guide (1980s) to follow the wiring diagram. The following is based on the published S4 wiring diagram.

Black All earth connections - Ground, Always!!!!!!
Black Green Heated Rear Screen Switch to Heated Rear Screen indicator
Black Red Headlamp relays to Headlamp Microswitch
Black White Heated Rear Screen
Blue Lighting switch - Control box to Headlamp relays
Blue Black High Beam - Headlamp Dip Switch to High Beam relay
Blue Brown Low Beam - Headlamp Dip Switch to Low Beam relay
Blue Green Headlamp Dipswitch to High beam indicator light
Blue Light Green Windshield wiper switch to motor
Blue Purple HeadLamp switch to Headlamp dip switch (high/low switch); Headlamp Flasher unit to Headlamp flasher micro switch.
Blue Red Low Beam - Headlamp relay to light
Blue White High Beam - Headlamp relay to light
Blue Yellow HeadLamp switch to Headlamp Flasher relay
Brown Hot all time, unfused. Main battery lead, Control Box to Solenoid and Rear Courtesy Lights, Ignition Switch (pos 1) to window switches and Hazard Flash unit
Brown Blue Control box (compensated voltage control only) to ignition switch and lighting switch (feed)
Brown Green Dynamo 'F' to control box 'F'
Window switches to window motors
Brown Light Green Windshield wiper switch to motor
Brown Red Window switches to window motors
Brown Yellow Dynamo to control box to 'no charge' warning light
Green Hot with ignition on, fused. Accessories fuesed via ignition switch; Fuse box to reverse switch, Wiper motor, Heat Rear Screen Switch, Heater fan switch, Heater switch to Heater fan, Washer switch (connects to white light green), Independent flasher unit, Brake failure warning light, Handbrake switch, brake lights switch, voltage stabilizer, voltage stabilizer to fuel gauge. Hazard switch to turn signal switch. Ignition switch (pos 4) to radio
Green Black Fuel gauge to fuel tank unit or changeover switch or voltage stabilizer to tank units
Green Brown Switch to reverse lamp
Green Purple Stop lamp switch to stop lamps, or stop lamp switch to lamp failure unit, Indicator flasher unit to indicator wraning light
Green Red Direction indicator switch to left-hand flasher lamps
Green White Direction indicator switch to right hand flasher lamps
Green Yellow Heater motor to switch single speed (or to 'slow' on two- or three-speed motor)
Light Green Hazard Flasher switch to hazard flasher unit
Light Green Black Windshield washer switch to winshield washer pump
Light Green Brown Indicator flash unit to indicator switch
Light Green Green Handbrake switch to handbrake warning light
Light Green Yellow Hazard Flasher switch to warning light
Purple Hot all the time, fused. Accessories fed direct from battery via fuse. Includes Horn and cigar lighter.
Purple Black Horn to horn push, Antitheft switch to horn.
Purple White Interior lights to switch (subsidiary circuit door safety lights to switch)
Purple Yellow Horn to horn relay
Red Main feed to all running lights mastered by sidelamp switch. Side lights and registration plate lights.
Red Black Brake servo warning light indicator, Servo to warning light, Brake failure warning light test switch to light.
Red Light Green Windshield wiper switch to motor
Red White Dash Lights, Panel switch to cigar, Fuel gauge light, Tach light, Speedo light and oil/water gauge light. Window switch power lead to dash courtesy light.
White Hot with ignition on, unfused. Ignition switch (pos. 2) to coil, ignition warning light, fuse box (for Green), Antitheft switch between ignition switch and fuse box.
White Blue Headlamp flasher relay to High beam lights circuit
White Red Starter switch to starter solenoid
White Purple Iginition switch (pos. 4) to fuse box (for Purple)
White Light Green Windshield wiper switch to motor
White Black Ignition coil contact breaker to distributor contact breaker
Yellow Blue Headlamp flasher relay to headlamp flasher unit