Lotus Elan

Waterproofing of Doors

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Lotus Service Bulletin
Class 111
Number 1972/02
Type Elan
Date 14.04.1972
Title: Waterproofing of Doors
Reason: To prevent the possibility of water seeping through the door panel via the upper drain hole.
Parts Required: Snapsac
428A 2 per car
X036 B6309V 2 per car
  1. In approximately June 1971, the following modification was incorporated into Production and can be used to rectify cars built before that time.
  2. Cut the closed end from a Snapsac and insert the into the upper drain hole at front of the door. Remove door trim panel (see Section 'B' of Workshop Manual ) and push a piece of tubing over the open end of the Snapsac which is now inside the door.
  3. This action will channel the water from the upper drain hole to the lower drain hole, thence out of the door.