Lotus Elan

Rotoflex Coupling Bolts

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Lotus Service Bulletin
Class 111
Number 1972/09
Type Elan & +2
Date 14.04.1972
Title: Rotoflex Coupling Bolts
Reason: To clarify correct fitting of bolts.
  1. Amend Section 'R.6.', paragraph '1', last sentence, under the heading 'To Replace', in both the Elan and 2 Workshop, Manuals, to read:
    When fitting bolts, their heads MUST be in contact with the 'low' bosses in the couplings. The exception to this is the bolts which secure the brake disc and coupling to both the outboard and intermediate drive shafts, when All bolt heads are towards the wheel .
  2. The Workshop Manuals will be amended as soon as possible.