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Roof Refinishing

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Lotus Service Bulletin
Class 111
Number 1973/09
Type +2S 130
Date 02.04.73
Title: Roof Refinishing
Reason: To advise Dealer personnel of the recommended method of refinishing the roof panel .
Parts Required: A050 B 6220V
A505 B 6221V
Acrylic Blend Clear
Retarder Thinner
  1. Areas to be refinished should be flatted to remove gloss, etc . Use a 360 grade paper, wet.
  2. Dry the area, and tack rag to remove surface dust.
  3. Spray polyester gel coat to match the base colour.
  4. Mix 5 oz (143 grm) flake to 2 pints (1 .14 litres; 2.4 US pints) of Acrylic Blend Clear. Spray a thin even coat of the flake mixture over the base colour. Flash off 30 minutes at 68F. (20C.)
  5. Spray light dust coats of Acrylic Blend Clear. Cure for 8 hours at 68F. ( 20 C.)
  6. Flat, and polish.