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Lotus Service Bulletin
Class 111
Number 1972/15
Type +2S 130
Date 07.08.1972
Title: Revised Electrics
Reason: To advise Dealer personnel of the changes involved when car is fitted with the above.
Parts Required See Separate Parts Bulletin.

Commencing at Chassis Numbers (Unit Numbers) as follows, the electrical system has been completely revised as detailed below.

  • U.K.: 72050732L onwards
  • EXPORT: 72050235M onwards
  • FEDERAL: 72050272N onwards

The summary of changes is as follows:

  1. New facia panel with fuses in place of ashtray. Some instruments re-positioned.
  2. New headlamp system using solenoid valve to control movement of bowls (pods) in conjunction with conventional lamp switch. Headlamp flash facility with dipswitch stalk. Failsafe operation on all cars. Lighting circuit protected by thermal interrupters. A thermal interrupter will give a designed 'break' under overload conditions.
  3. Deletion of anti-theft switch and simplification of coil ignition circuit.
  4. Deletion of lighting relays and fuses, micro-switches and relevant brackets, giving a reduction of holes in the bulkhead between engine comportment and passenger compartment.
  5. Under bonnet lamp, now rubber mounted on reinforcing bracket on underside of lid, to reduce shadow and aid weatherproofing.
  6. Separate switching for RED 'door open' warning lamps and deletion of WHITE 'puddle' lamps.
  7. Fog lamp switch mounted on facia.
  8. Speedometer trip reset and clock adjuster knob resited.
  9. Handbrake warning lamp combined with fluid level warning lamp thus eliminating the need for brake fail test switch and amber warning fight.
  10. European terminated alternator with only one plug (2 cables).
  11. Standardised window switching.
  12. Boot (trunk) floor modified to allow easier access to battery.
  13. New wiring looms (harness) to cater for changes mentioned plus improved radio suppression, fan motor and thermostat switch. Deletion of odd cables, jumper leads and separate earth cables. Rear loom routed to avoid no. plate drilling and giving easier access.

New wiring diagrams have already been published and issued, but further copies are included with this Bulletin.

  • LSL.205 covers U.K. and EXPORT models
  • LSL.211 covers NORTH AMERICAN FEDERAL models

Illustrations: The following illustration,

  1. Revised facia layout
  2. Switch connections
  3. Fuse box connections
  4. Headlamp solenoid valve

have been included to assist in the diagnosis of faults, although those pertaining to wiring are contained in the wiring diagrams.

72 15 1.jpg
72 15 2.jpg
72 15 3.jpg