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Protective Wax

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Lotus Service Bulletin
Class 111
Number 1971/29
Type All Models
Date 1.7.1971
Title: Protective Wax
Reason: To advise Dealer personnel on how to remove the protective wax which is now applied to all cars,
Parts Required: Nil
Charges: U . K. - Warranty
EXPORT - Factory
- Distributor

The protective wax used is 'Simonize', applied to the body but NOT polished. The wax can be removed by one of three methods, these being:-

A further application of 'Simonize', this second application softening the first polish, thus allowing a shine to be imparted on the body.

By an application of 'T-cut', which can be polished off. 'T-cut' is available from Tetrosyl (Sales) Ltd., Bury, Lancashire, England.

By an application of 'Cut-N-Wax', which can be polished off. This is available from JDK Chemical products, 257a St. Faiths Road, Norwich, NOR 70N, Norfolk, England.

NOTE: No attempt must be made to buff the existing protective wax, as this will only result in scratching the body, the wax being quite hard.