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Oil Filter

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Lotus Service Bulletin
Class 111
Number 1971/16
Type Twin-Cam Engine
Date 23.4.1971
Title: Oil Filter
Reason: To show differences in oil filters currently in use
Parts Required: Oil Pump Assembly
Oil Filter Assembly
Oil Pump Body
Part No. A036 E 6029
Part No. 2735 E 6714B
Part No. 2735 E 6600
Charges: U . K. - Warranty
EXPORT - Factory
- Distributor

Commencing at Engine No. 'G.23607', all twin-cam engines are fitted with a 'throw-away' canister type of oil filter (similar to that already used on Europa engines).

The new filter is still a full-flow type (not a by-pass type), therefore the engine is never at any time, being fed unfiltered oil .

  1. When fitting a new filter (which cannot be fitted to the old-type oil pump assembly), ensure that the mating surfaces of both the oil pump body and the filter are clean.
  2. Apply a film of engine oil to the rubber sealing ring on the filter, locate the filter on its threaded adaptor and screw on in a clockwise direction.
  3. When the filter 'seats', continue turning for a further 2/3 to 3/4 of a turn to ensure an oil tight joint. 'Run' the engine and check for oil leaks at the filter to oil pump joint, if necessary tightening the filter further for an oil tight joint.
  4. When removing the filter, it may be necessary to use a strap wrench, or even puncture the canister to release. This is quite normal, as with use the rubber sealing ring swells, thus making the filter a very tight fit.