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Lotus Elan and Europa

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Author(s) John Bolster
Country Great Britain
Language English
Publisher Motor Racing Publications LTD
Publication date 1980
Media type Printed (hardcover)
Pages 128
ISBN 0900549483

Inside Cover

For many thousands of Lotus enthusiasts 1982 marked the beginning of a golden era in the history of this famous manufacturer of sports and high-performance cars. It was the period between the two Elites - the original model, which broke new ground in the use of glass-fibre in car manufacture but proved too expensive to produce in high volume, and its more recent namesake, which has taken Lotus into the exclusive world of the high-performance luxury car.

The cars which came in between - the Elan two seater, its longer-wheelbase derivative the Plus 2, and the mid-engined two-seater Europa - introduced Lotus to a market which previously they had scarcely touched. This was the young executive, who craved the traditional Lotus standards of road holding and responsiveness, but who wanted them integrated into a car which was attractive to look at, comfortable, refined and easy on the pocket.

Today, those same cars, and for much the same reasons, are amongst the most eagerly sought by enthusiasts who are striving to put the fun back into their motoring and who find special pride and enjoyment in restoring a car from a less legislated era to pristine condition. This book has been written by John Bolster for these people in particular, as well as for the original owners of some 25,000 Elans, Plus 2s and Europas produced up to 1975, and for countless others who share a special enthusiasm for these three models and their many derivatives. In common with other books in this series, the text is lavishly illustrated and is augmented with invaluable reference data in the form of appendices, which will be of particular interest to collectors and researchers.

Table of Contents

Anglo American Glossary
Wiring Diagrams
Chapter 1 The Engine
Chapter 2 The Fuel System
Chapter 3 The Ignition System
Chapter 4 The Cooling System
Chapter 5 The Clutch
Chapter 6 The Gearbox
Chapter 7 The Propeller Shaft, Final Drive and Rear Suspension
Chapter 8 The Front Suspension and Hubs
Chapter 9 The Steering Gear
Chapter 10 The Braking System
Chapter 11 The Electrical Equipment
Chapter 12 The Bodywork
Chapter 13 Servicing