Lotus Elan

Lotus Body Shell Removal Procedures

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These are the steps required to remove the body from the chassis.

  1. Remove left rear wheel
  2. Disconnect fuel line at tank
  3. Replace wheel
  4. Disconnect and remove battery
  5. Raise car
  6. Remove exhaust
  7. Remove chassis bolts either side of gearbox
  8. Disconnect reverse light switch lead
  9. Disconnect starter motor positive feed cable
  10. Disconnect handbrake cable at tree.
  11. Lower car
  12. Remove bonnet
  13. Remove tonneau tray
  14. Remove rear seat squab
  15. Remove centre tunnel rear cover
  16. Disconnect Electric fuel pump connections
  17. Remove water bottle
  18. Remove radiator hoses
  19. Remove heater hoses
  20. Disconnect vacuum feed hose from inlet manifold
  21. Remove radiator
  22. Remove fan belt
  23. Disconnect hose feed to chassis plenum chamber
  24. Disconnect accelerator cable at carbs
  25. Remove airbox
  26. Remove carburettors and blow-by hose
  27. Remove inlet manifold studs
  28. Remove clutch pipe feed to clutch
  29. Disconnect brake pipes at cross junction below coil
  30. Disconnect fuel feed to fuel regulator
  31. Disconnect alternator wires
  32. Disconnect water temperature wire
  33. Disconnect HT feed coil to distributor
  34. Disconnect Oil pressure guage feed at engine block
  35. Disconnect steering column U-joint and remove bolt.
  36. Disconnect steering column mounts behind dash
  37. Disconnect wiring along the side of the steering column
  38. Remove steering column clamp
  39. Remove steering column and wheel assembly
  40. Remove lower steering column from engine bay
  41. Disconnect Speedo cable
  42. Remove gearstick
  43. Remove nose cone chassis bolts
  44. Remove boot bolts
  45. Remove rear suspension tower bolts
  46. Remove front suspension tower bolts
  47. Remove seatbelt chassis bolts
  48. Remove six chassis flange bolts