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Lotus 5-Speed Gearbox - Reverse Idler Gear, Pivot Pin and lever - Reverse Selector

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Lotus Service Bulletin
Class 111
Number 1973/26
Type +2S 130/5
Date 08.10.73
Title: Lotus 5-speed Gearbox - Reverse Idler Gear, Pivot Pin and Lever - Reverse Selector.
Reason: To advise Dealer personnel of modifications to the Reverse Idler Gear and its associated parts.
  1. Commencing at Gearbox No. 501, the new assembly is comprised of:
B050 F 6060Z Gear, Reverse Idler
B050 F 6048Z Lever, Reverse Selector
B050 F 6026Z Pin. Pivot
A050F 6066Z '0' ring
A050 F 6063Z Circlip, Pivot Securing
  1. On ALL gearboxes up to, and including No. 500, when replacement parts are required, only the above assembly will be supplied, -which MUST BE FITTED AS AN ASSEMBLY.
  2. When fitting the new assembly, it will be necessary to relieve the main casing in the area of the Reverse Idler Gear, to ensure it is returning fully to its neutral position (see illustration).
  3. Parts superseded by the new assembly detailed in 'I' above are:
A050 F 606OZ Gear, Reverse Idler
A050 F 602OZ Fork, Reverse Selector
A050 F 6012Z Washer, Spacer
A050 F 6048Z Lever, Reverse Selector
A050 F 6026Z Pin, Pivot
211 Nut, Fork Securing
A 050 F 6069Z Circlip, Reverse Selector Securing
A050 F 6013Z Washer, Spacer
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