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Lotus 5-Speed Gearbox - Oversize Bearings

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Lotus Service Bulletin
Class 111
Number 1973/25
Type +2S 130/5
Date 08.10.73
Title: Lotus 5-speed Gearbox - Oversize Bearings.
Reason: To advise Dealer personnel of recommended procedure following gearbox overhaul.

BEFORE DISMANTLING the gearbox, check the underside adjacent to the Serial Number for the letters "OS', this indicating there is one, or more, oversize bearings fitted in the gearbox.

WHEN DISMANTLING the gearbox, note that where Over-size bearings are used, the letters OS together with the amount of increase, i.e., ' .001', ' .002', etc. will be stamped adjacent to the bearing bore.

Oversize bearings are available under the following Part Numbers:

Standard .001 IN .002 IN .003 IN .004 IN
A050 F 6070Z
A050 F 6071Z
A050 F 6072Z
A050 F 6073Z
A050 F 6017Z
A050 F 6025Z
A050 F 6070A
A050 F 6071A
A050 F 6072A
A050 F 6073A
A050 F 6017A
A050 F 6025A
A050 F 6070B
A050 F 6071B
A050 F 6072B
A050 F 6073B
A050 F 6017B
A050 F 6025B
A050 F 6070C
A050 F 6071C
A050 F 6072C
A050 F 6073C
A050 F 6017C
A050 F 6025C
A050 F 6070D
A050 F 6071D
A050 F 6072D
A050 F 6073D
A050 F 6017D
A050 F 6025D