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Lotus Service Bulletin
Class 111
Number 1973/16
Type +2S 130/5
Date 08.10.73
Title: Lotus 5-Speed Gearbox
Reason: To advise Dealer personnel of modifications which have been incorporated into current Production, and which are approved for Service use.
  1. Where the grubscrews securing the selector rod and the reverse idler shaft are continually working loose, it is recommended that the screw be removed, all traces of 'Wellseal' taken from the threads on the screws and the gearbox casing, and the screws refitted using 'Loctite AV' on their threads. This instruction should also be carried out following gearbox overhaul.
  2. If the gearbox assembly has been dismantled for any reason, it is recommended that when the first motion shaft is assembled (see page 39 of Section 'F' in the Workshop Manual), 'Loctite AV' is used on the threads of the retaining bolt.
  3. In cases where two gears have been selected at one time this is a fault associated with the interlock spool. It is recommended therefore that the existing spool be removed (see page 29 of section 'F' in the Workshop Manual), and the modified spool fitted. The illustration shows where the slot in the spool has been modified.
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