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Produced by Colin Chapman's team for the discerning motorist who requires the renowned LOTUS roadholding and safety with the convenience of two extra seats, the +2S 130 combines the hand built reliability, luxury and comfort of previous LOTUS models with performance increased by 25%, achieved by the use of the new Big-Valve version of the LOTUS twin-cam engine. Taking its place alongside vehicles costing twice the price, sharing their social, acceptance, whilst rivaling their performance and durability, the +2S 130 has all the design experience and engineering integrity that you would expect from a manufacturer with World Championship traditions to maintain.

The LOTUS +2S 130 has great reserves of performance and safety combined with luxury and head-turning style. LOTUS expertise ensures perfectly balanced handling and superb road holding which, with powerful non-fade braking and vivid performance, give the car primary safety-the ability when in capable hands to avoid accidents caused by other people's mistakes or the driver's own errors of judgment.

Each LOTUS body is individually hand-moulded in glass fibre reinforced plastic. This material is ideal for the exciting style of the +2S 130 it is, of course, completely unaffected by corrosion and is less expensive to repair following minor accidents as damage remains localised to the area of impact. This provides secondary safety, aided by the immensely strong welded steel backbone chassis which is fully rust-proofed. Other safety features include powerful air horns, burst-proof door locks, the built-in inertia-reel seat belts, a laminated windscreen, safety glass, and a hazard warning system that flashes all four trafficators at once, warning other road users when your car is temporarily halted by an obstruction or on encountering an unforeseen hazard. The vacuum-operated retractable lights come up clean instantly, folding neatly into the body when not in use. Quartz Halogen fog lights are fitted as standard equipment.

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Driver and passenger are equally catered for in the +2S 130. The interior is fully carpeted and sound-proofed and the body-hugging reclining front seats are infinitely adjustable to suit all builds. Comprehensive instrumentation set in a fine burr walnut facia includes tachometer, electric clock and ambient temperature gauge. LOTUS airflow ventilation supplements the electric windows in providing full fresh-air ventilation while the powerful heater/demister is capable of keeping the interior warm on the coldest winter day. Standard equipment includes leather-rim wheel, steering lock, cigar lighter, dipping mirror, air horns, electric washers and two-speed wipers. The doors open wide so that despite the low lines of the vehicle graceful entry and exit present no problem. Fitted with burstproof safety locks, arm rests, ash trays and electric windows, these doors open without catching the kerb, close without slamming and are doubly sealed against draughts and rainwater. On opening the doors, the road beneath is illuminated and a red warning light in the door's edge warns approaching traffic. These are man-size doors produced with ladies in mind. The engine compartment and the luggage boot are both illuminated. The boot, which is fully carpeted and can be unlocked from the driver's seat, provides ample luggage space for the driver, his passenger and two young children.

Although your LOTUS requires only minimal attention between its widely spaced services, accessibility is designed to the LOTUS +2S 130. Whether you wish to check the oil or change a wheel, inspect a fuse or oil a door hinge, serviceability is good, saving your time and money.

The low level of interior noise, the almost total absence of wind roar, the comfortable driving position, and the sensitive controls which require only fingertip pressure, together with the sure-footed and forgiving nature of the car and the superlative performance, make the +2S 130 ideal for long-distance touring. Not that this suitability impairs in any way the car's ability to trickle through town traffic in top gear at 30 mph, without fuss, ready to forge ahead when traffic conditions allow. Drive the +2S 130 then reappraise the standards by which you judge and assess ordinary cars.

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The new Big-Valve version of the famous LOTUS twin-camshaft engine, fitted to the +2S 130 delivers its 126 bhp with economy, reliability and the smoothness you would expect from far larger units. Although racing versions of this engine can produce up to 200 bhp the stage of tune selected for the +2S130 ensures long life and the ultra high performance which the LOTUS owner expects. The Big-Valve is fitted with twin Weber 40 DCOE carburettors and transmits its power to the rear wheels through a semi-close ratio, all-synchromesh four-speed and reverse gearbox and 3.77:1 differential. Drive shaft couplings of the latest design eliminate surge while cushioning the drivetrain and assisting the handling and adhesion in all road conditions.

Technical Specification

Engine Chassis
Cylinders 4

Construction:...Backbone chassis with glass fibre reinforced plastic body

Bore and stroke 82.55mm X 72.7mm Brakes
Cubic capacity 1,558 cc Type 10 in. diameter servo-assisted Girling discs all round
Valves Twin ohc
Compression ratio 10.3:1
Carburettors Twin Weber 40 DCOE Suspension and Steering
Fuel Pump AC Mechanical

Front:....Independent by coil springs and wishbones

Oil filter AC full flow

Rear:.... Independent by wishbone and coil springs (Chapman Struts)

Maximum power (net) 126bhp @ 6,500rpm Shock Absorbers
Maximum torque (net) 113 lb ft @ 5,500rpm Front - Telescopic
Rear - Telescopic
Transmission Steering gear Rack and pinion
Clutch Borg & Beck 8in diagram spring Tyres 165HRX13 Radial Ply
Top gear 1.0:1 Rim Size 5 1/2 J
3rd gear 1.4:1 Wheels Lotus steel perforated knock-on
2nd gear 2.01:1 Battery 12 volt negative earth
1st gear 2.97:1
Reverse 3.324:1 Performance
Final Drive 3.77:1 0-60mph 7.4 seconds
Mph at 1,000 rpm in: 0-100mph 21.8 seconds
Top gear 17.8 Maximum speed 121 mph
3rd gear 12.7 Fuel consumption 23.3 mpg
2nd gear 8.9
1st gear 6.0

Lotus specifications vary to meet legislation in different markets. We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.