Lotus Elan

London Car Show

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London Car Show
Magazine Title: Car and Driver
Published: January 1963
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...Ever Since the Lotus Nine these leightweight, almost fragile cars have displayed remarkably clean lines, and the Lotus Elan is no exception. It is built up on a pressed steel backbone frame, with a fiberglass body. The 1 1/2 liter dohc engine is a detuned version of the power unit which startled us so when installed in the Lotus 23 Jim Clark drove last summer in the Nurburgring 1,000-km race. In the Elan it develops 100 bhp at 5,700 rpm and has excellent torque characteristics throughout its range. All wheels are independently sprung on a system developed from experience with the Elite. The unequal-length front wishbones are fabricated in pressed steel and attached to a standard Alford and Alder wheel post assembly. The narrow-diameter splayed coil springs enclose telescopic shock absorbers. At the rear, there is no upper wishbone, as the spring unit also serves for location, and without radius arms since the lower wishbone is so widesplayed. There are Girling disc brakes on all four wheels....