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Leash It
Magazine Title: Car and Driver
Published: 1965
65 leash it 001.jpg

We've arranged for test drives of the Lotus Elan in all kinds of places.

One of the most unlikely is especially revealing: New York City streets.

Most sports cars don't like the city, but the Lotus Elan doesn't mind it a bit.

The Elan is as delightful a car on the leash as it is on the loose.

Because of the engine's great flexibility, the acceleration that takes you from 0 to 60 in 7.1 seconds on the open road is just as useful scooting you out from the curb or shooting you ahead at a light.

You hardly have to shift. Fourth gear can pull from 17 mph. as well as cruise all day at 100. When you do downshift first is synchromesh.

The all-independent suspension smoothes out the cobblestones and gives the car an uncanny stickability on turns.

The size of the car makes sense in town and its many small amenities (including heavy-duty heater, defroster, slide-up windows, weather-tight top) make it comfortable.

It's even quiet.

This thoroughbred behaves like a city-bred. Until you leave town and let it off the leash.

Cost: $4,294 with soft top, complete and delivered (plus local taxes). An optional extra removable hard top will be available soon.

Write or call Cox & Pulver, Inc., for dealer information or drop in at the showroom, 342 Madison Avenue, New York 17, N.Y., YU 6-2560.


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