Lotus Elan

Labour Schedule

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Lotus Service Bulletin
Class 111
Number 1973/12
Type All Models
Date 20.7.73
Title: Labour Schedule
Reason: To give amendments where shown

Amend the Schedule on the following pages, where shown.

Page 7:

Operation No. 'E.129'. alter Europa T/C time to .30.

Page 7:

Add the following operation.

'E.14lb' - Engine/gearbox assy. (5 speed), R & R**

Elan 2 Europa Europa T/C
8.00 8.00 N/A 7.30

Page 8:

Add the following Operation.

'F.102a' - Gearbox assy. (5 speed), Overhaul

Elan 2 Europa Europa T/C
13.00 13.00 N/A 12.15