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Glass Date Coding

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Lotus Service Bulletin
Class 111
Number 1973/29
Type All Models
Date 02.11.1973
Title: Glass Date Coding.
Reason: To advise Dealer personnel of method of checking the date coding on all glasses (windscreen, rear screen and door windows).
  1. The year of manufacture is indicated by a dot UNDER the letters of the words 'LAMINATED' or 'TOUGHENED', the last digit only being indicated (i.e. 2 = 1972, 3 = 1973).
    73 29 1.jpg
  2. The month of manufacture is indicated by a dot, or dots, OVER the letters 'TR' and 'EX' of the word TRIPLEX.
    73 29 2.jpg
  3. Some examples are given below:
    73 29 3.jpg
  4. All other marks are Trade Marks, which are of no consequence, and therefore can be ignored.