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Gearbox Noise

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Lotus Service Bulletin
Class 111
Number 1971/22
Type +2
Date 23.4.1971
Title: Gearbox Noise
Reason: To give a further reduction in noise level in interior of car
Parts Required: Seal
Part No. 050 F 6000
Part No. A050 B 1802
Price: To be advised
Charges: U . K. - Warranty
EXPORT - Factory
- Distributor

It is recommended that where normal noises emitted from the gearbox are offensive to the ear, the following action be token: -

  1. Replace the existing lower seal of the gear lever aperture with the new seal (Part No. 050 F 6000) (see illustration).
  2. On 'S' models, replace the gearshift lever surround felt with the new felt (Part No. A050 B 1802), this new felt continuing forward behind the facia panel . On models other than 'S', it will be found advantageous to fit the felt, as none was fitted originally.
  3. Full instructions for removing and replacing the gearshift lever and tunnel top, for the fitting of felt and grommet, will be found in Sections 'B' and 'F' of the Workshop Manual.
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