Lotus Elan

Front Lower Suspension Fulcrum Pin

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Lotus Service Bulletin
Class 111
Number 1971/01
Type Elan & +2
Date 11.1.1971
Title: Front Lower Suspension Fulcrum Pin
Reason: To recommend a tool for removing the fulcrum pin
Charges: U . K. - Warranty
EXPORT - Factory
- Distributor

Further to Service Bulletin 1970/30, Class I I I , which gave details of on acceptable service repair to a chassis having damaged lower fulcrum pins, a tool in the form of a piloted hole cutter is available which will greatly assist in the removal of the fulcrum pins,
Using this tool, the procedure is:-

  1. After the cupwashers have been ground flush with the chassis, during which operation, the minimum amount only should be removed, the end of the fulcrum pin should be drilled and topped 3/8in. UNC to accept the threaded pilot. Use the shortest amount of thread on the pilot to screw into the fulcrum pin.
  2. After inserting the threaded pilot into the fulcrum pin, the body of the tool is placed over the pilot, followed by the feed nut which in its turn, is screwed down until the cutting edges of the tool just engage the surface to be cut. As each turn is made to the body of the tool, so the feed nut is screwed down a little until the cut is made. A ratchet handle is also available which facilitates the use of the tool (see illustration).
  3. The tool is available from most motor factors, or tool suppliers, or from Buck & Hickman Ltd., 2 Whitechapel Road, London, E. I ., and is known as:-

    'Cooke's Improved Hole Cutter' (3/4in. o/d. electric conduit size) and

    'Cooke's Ratchet Handle'

Both items have the some Pattern Number which is '216309'.

U.K, recommended retail prices of tools, are:

Hole Cutter 1.33
Ratchet Handle 99p.

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