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Fly Lotus
Magazine Title: Autocar
Published: June 4, 1970
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Few people would disagree that a Lotus will get you from A to B by road more quickly than almost any other car. The compactness of the car coupled with a power output of 118bhp and a superlative road holding have seen to that. With today's motoring conditions the stage has been reached when the light executive aeroplane is an essential adjunct to a car for fast, long distance travel. The Directors of Lotus have long recognised this and there are company aircraft for the executives to fly where they want to go, whether it is in this country or abroad. The saving in man hours is enormous.

Free flying Lessons Because we believe the man who buys a Lotus is exactly the kind of man (or woman) who wants to fly, Lotus and their dealers are offering six forty minute flying lessons free to anyone who buys a Lotus Elan +2S between June 1st and August 31st this year. At the end of that time you could be well on your way to your solo. The lessons will be arranged at your nearest Piper training school and will be carried out in one of the world's best training aircraft - the Piper Cherokee 140C.

The Lotus total mobility pack 'Total Mobility' is the ability to get from A to B in the minimum of time with the minimum fuss. It can be achieved by the combination of car plus aeroplane. And it can be achieved for less money than an expensive car. A Lotus +2S and a Cherokee 140C, for instance, can be bought from June to August this year for £8888. This is £2668 less than you would have to pay for a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow. And, superb motor car though it is, not even the Silver Shadow can overcome the problems of the millions of lesser cars that simply get in the way.

The Lotus +2S is among the best cars in the world. The Piper Cherokee 140C is recognised as one of the finest four seater training/family aircraft there has ever been. To own them both would make you truly mobile. If you buy the Total Mobility Pack and you can't fly, you will get 35 hours free instruction on your Piper from qualified instructors.

Flying is said to be as easy as riding a bike and for full measure you will also get one of the new Raleigh 'Executive' bicycles to practise on. So there it is, your chance to join the enviable ranks of the new 'Totally Mobile' - the motorists who fly.

6 free flying lessons with every new Lotus +2S

Lotus Total Mobility Pack: Lotus +2S, Pipe Cherokee 140C and Raleigh 'Executive' bicycle, plus 35 hours free flying instruction. £8888

Both offers valid from June 1st to August 31st 1970 only.

For details contact, 01-240-1902