Lotus Elan

Engine Jointing Compound

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Lotus Service Bulletin
Class 111
Number 1971/08
Type Twin-Cam Engines
Date 11.1.1971
Title: Engine Jointing Compound
Reason: Improved jointing compound introduced at Engine Numbers as follows:
F: 23975 - 2S
K: 24011 - Elan Component Built
C: 24118 - Elan Non-Federal (Export)
I: 24219 - 2S Federal
Parts Required: Jointing Compound Part No. A036 E 6027
Charges: U.K.
Action: It is recommended that the new jointing compound 'Silastic RTV 732' which is available under Part No. A036 E 6027, be used in all applications, replacing either 'Hylomar' (Part No. A036 S 6175) or '3Ms' (Part No. A036 E 6028) as necessary.
The application list is as follows:
  1. Timing Case Cover to Cylinder Head
  2. Oil Sump to Cylinder Block
  3. Timing Case Cover to Timing Case
  4. Plug - Camshaft Bore to Cylinder Head (half-moons)
  5. Camshaft Cover Assembly to Cylinder Head