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Elan Plus 2 S130 Five Speed Conversion

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Dated: 4/9/1974

Elan 2 S130 Five Speed Conversion

Supply of five speed gearboxes has until now been very limited and their availability has been restricted to service use only.However, as a result of frequent requests from both the domestic and export market we have now built up a supply of gearboxes which we are offering for conversion. These have been mode up into kits comprising all the components required for the conversion and are offered to you as follows:

Assembly No. Description Retail Discount
A050F0743S 5- Speed Conversion Kit ( 2) 383.25 20%

Full fitting instructions are provided with each kit and the time allowed is fourteen hours. If Dealers wish to make use of factory facilities we will offer 15% discount on labour and the full discount on parts but the Dealer must arrange to deliver and collect the car.A five speed conversion can also be carried out on the Elan Sprint, the kit must be specially ordered but the price and the discount will be the same.Sincerely.(signed)R. F. HARRIS General Manager - Parts & Service


The following conversion can be carried out on all Elan Sprint & 2S 130 cars.

Parts Required
Part Numbers
Description Qty 2 Elan
Mounting, gearbox 1 D026 A 0002Z D026 A 0002Z
Nuts, captive 4 230A 230A
Tunnel top 1 C050 B 0243Z A036 V 0183Z
Bell Housing 1 A050 G 0245Z A050 F 0245Z
Mounting, fulcrum pin 1 A050 F 0285Z A050 F 0285Z
Knob, gearshift lever (5 speed) 1 A050 F 0292B A050 F 0292B
Gearbox assembly 1 A050 F 0731 W A050 F 0731 W
Gaiter, gearshift lever 1 A050 F 6095Z A050 F 6095Z
Gearshift lever 1 A050 F 6094W A050 F 6094W
Centre plate, clutch 1 A907 Q 01 18Z A907 Q 01 18Z
Cover assembly, clutch 1 A074 Q 6009Z A074 Q 6009Z
Bearing, clutch release 1 A074 Q 6011 Z A074 Q 6011 Z
Carrier, release bearing 1 A050 Q 0046Z A050 Q 0046Z
Bearing, clutch spigot 1 A050 Q 0052Z A050 Q 0052Z
Propeller shaft 1 A050 R 0037Z A036 R 0038Z
Manifold, cylinders 1 & 4 1 A050 S 0150Z A050 S 0150Z
Manifold, cylinders 2 & 3 1 A050 S 0151 Z A050 5 0151 Z
Badge, 'S 130/5' 1 A050 U 0109Z -----------
Badge, 'Sprint/5' ------------ A036 U 0077Z

Fitting Procedure

  1. Remove engine/gearbox assembly (see Section- ' E' of the Workshop Manual).
  2. Remove bellhousing and 4-speed gearbox from the engine and discard.
  3. Remove clutch cover assembly, centre plate and spigot bearing from engine, and discard these parts.
  4. Fit new spigot bearing to flywheel, clutch centre plate and clutch assembly (see Section 'E' of the Workshop Manual).
  5. Fit new bell housing and clutch release mechanism to the 5-speed gearbox.
  6. Fit the 5-speed gearbox/bell housing assembly to the engine.
  7. Fit new exhaust manifolds to the engine. Note on Exhaust Emission cars, the new manifolds cannot be fitted if the car is stiII to comply with the Exhaust Emission Regulations, therefore on these cars, retain the existing cast manifold, and if necessary bend the exhaust downpipe to clear the new bell housing.
  8. Remove the existing propeller shaft and discard.
  9. Fit the new propeller shaft, ensuring that the universal joints are aligned to maintain the balance. This is quite critical and must be adhered to. Do NOT part the propeller shaft at the sliding joint, otherwise the balance could be disturbed.
  10. Using illustration (Fig.1) as a guide, and the new gearbox mounting bracket as a jig, drill through the chassis to take the captive nuts. Insert the nuts, and bend their locking tabs to secure to chassis.
  11. Position the engine/S-speed gearbox assembly in the engine compartment, then attach the forward end of the propeller shaft to the flange on the gearbox. Before finally pushing the assembly into its final location, connect the speedometer cable at the gearbox, ensuring that the right-angled drive is positioned to point forwards, obliquely to the left.
  12. Fit new gearshift lever, using the Special Tool (T000T0032A) to fully tighten . It will be found easier when fitting the gearshift lever, if the circlip (located just above the rubber bellows) is first removed, this action releasing the tension on the threaded protion of the lever, thus ensuring that its threads are NOT crossed. Replace the circlip on completion.
  13. Fit new tunnel top and gearshift lever gaiter (grommet).
  14. Fit the new badge. On 2 cars remove the existing 'S130' badge, replacing with the new 'S130/5' badge; on Elan single-tone cars, remove existing 'Sprint' badge and replace with 'Sprint/5' badge; on Elan duo-tone cars, remove an existing 'World Champion' badge and replace with 'Sprint/5' badge.
  15. With the car standing on its wheels, add 3 pints (3.6 US pints; 1 .7 litres) of an EP. 80 oil through the filler/level plug orifice. Replace filler/level plug on completion (see Fig.2).
  16. Finally, road test the car and mode any necessary adjustments.