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Dellorto Carburetters - Type DHLA 40 and DHLA-E 40

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Lotus Service Bulletin
Class 111
Number 1973/10
Type All Models
Date 02.04.73
Title: Dellorto Carburetters - Type DHLA 40 and DHLA-E 40.
Reason: To inform Dealer personnel of the recommended revised float level adjustment.

This information supersedes that already published in Section V (Fuel System) of the Workshop Manuals.

Two float assemblies are currently used in Dellorto carburetters, these being:

  • Float assy. 7298-01 (A036 E 6061Z) used in Type DHLA 40 (non-emission) carburetter.
  • Float assy. 7298-02 (A036 E 6062Z) used in Type DHLA-E (emission) carburetter.

The float levels, measured at B on the illustration, are:

  • Type DHLA. 40 14.5 to 15 mm. ' A'
  • Type DHLA-E 40 16.5 to 17 mm. 'A'

To check the float level. the whole assembly is held with the floats hanging down and needle valve lightly closed. To adjust the float level, the arms should be bent at 'C' on the i 1 lustration .

73 10 1.jpg