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Centred Drive Shafts

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Lotus Service Bulletin
Class 111
Number 1971/19
Type +2
Date 09.10.1972
Title: Centred Drive Shafts
Reason: To advise Dealer personnel of the new drive shafts now being fitted in current Production to 'S.130' cars.
Parts Required Intermediate Drive Shaft
Inboard Drive Shaft
Outboard Drive Shaft
B050 R 0034Z 2 per car
B050 R 0035Z 2 per car
B050 R 0036Z 2 per car

All cars from Chassis Numbers

  • 72090851 L UK
  • 72090237M EXPORT

will be fitted with the new shafts.

Cars already in Service can be fitted with the new shafts, preferably in FULL SETS (6 shafts per car).

The new shafts can be identified by study of the illustration overleaf. Inboard and outboard drive shafts have a spigot from their centre, on the 'spider' side. The intermediate drive shaft has a tube at each end, on the 'spider' side, into which the spigot of the inboard and outboard shafts fit.

72 19 1.jpg