Lotus Elan

Brakes Locking On

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Lotus Service Bulletin
Class 111
Number 1970/45
Type All Models
Date 16.10.1970
Title: Brakes 'Locking On'
Reason: Cases have occurred where brakes have 'mysteriously' locked on. In the instances we have been able to investigate with Girling Ltd., this has been proved to be caused by the servo unit 'pushing back' (see Girling publications G.149/2 and G.283H).
Charges: U . K. - Warranty
EXPORT - Factory
- Distributor
Action: In most cases when this happens, the brakes can be freed by 'kicking' the brake pedal sharply down. The servo unit should be checked in accordance with the information published in Section 'J' (Braking System) of the Workshop Manuals and with the Girling publications listed above.