Lotus Elan

Bonnet Catch (Elan) and Cable (Elan and Plus 2)

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Lotus Service Bulletin
Class 111
Number 1971/03
Type Elan and +2
Date 11.1.1971
71 03 1.jpg
Title: Bonnet Catch (Elan) and Cable (Elan & 2)
Reason: Introduction of improved bonnet catch
Parts Required: Bonnet Catch
Part No. A026 B 0032
Part No. 026 S 0074
Price: Part No. A026 B 0032
Part No. 026 S 0074
To be advised
Charges: U . K. - Warranty
EXPORT - Factory
- Distributor
  1. Where difficulty is experienced in Service with the bonnet jamming in the closed position, it is recommended that new bonnet catches (Part No. A026 B 0032) be fitted. To release a jammed bonnet, insert a screwdriver in the vicinity of the bonnet catch, then push blade of screwdriver against release catch (on bulkhead). Extreme care should be taken during this operation that the paintwork on either the bonnet or the body aperture is NOT damaged.
  2. To give an easier release action when opening the bonnet, it is recommended that the two central clips which retain the cable to the bulkhead, be removed and discarded. A new clip (Part No. 026 S 0074) should be attached to the inner rear R/H cam cover stud (see illustration) to retain the bonnet cable.

    NOTE: On Elan cars, both or either modification can be incorporated, whereas on 2 models, only the release cable amendment is relevant.