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BJ - Body - Seatbelts +2

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All 2 2 fed 2S 2S FED 2S 130 rHD lhD
bulleTin referENce
1 X050B6159Z 2 Kit. Seat Belt
2 A050V6002W 2 Kits. Seat Belts, (FED only)
3 X050B6147W 2 Kit. Seat Belt, - Rear
4 X050B1232Z 2 Backplate. Front Seat Kit
5 X050B1233Z 6 Frontplate. All kits
6 X050B1519Z 4 Backplate. Rear Seat Kit
4 24 Bolt Plate Securing
208 24 Nut.
7 A036M6423Z 1 Buzzer. Seat Belt Warning. (FED only)
8 A074M6015Z 1 Sensor, Seat, (FED only)

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