Lotus Elan

Lotus Elan

Famous Lotus Elan Owners: Jim Clark

Jim Clark and the Lotus ElanThere are many famous Lotus Elan owners. Jim Clark holds a special place in all of our hearts as a Lotus Formula 1 Driver. The only driver to win the Indianapolis 500 and the Formula 1 Championship in the same year.

Jim Clark won the 1965 Formula 1 Championship driving for Team Lotus. Clark won 6 races in a row, but only won 6 of the first 7 races of the season. Jim Clark did not race at Monaco due to racing in the Indy 500. In the 1965 Formula 1 season, Jim Clark won 6 poles and had the fastest lap in 6 races.

At Indianapolis, Jim Clark led 190 of the 200 laps at the Indy 500. Clark cruised to victory by 119.98 seconds to give Ford Racing its first win in the 500 and the first victory for a rear-engine car. In addition, Clark was the first driver to average more than 150 miles per hour in a 500-mile race (150.686).

The image to the right is an advertisement for the Lotus Elan produced by Lotus Cars.

Current Owner of the Jim Clark’s Lotus Elan

This is the Lotus Elan owned by Jim Clark.Jim Clark’s personal Elan was an Lotus Elan S3 FHC. The yellow Lotus Elan is a picture of the S3 Elan of G?rard Crombac, this photograph was taken at Monthlery 98. The Lotus Elan of Jim Clark was sold to his friend Gerard Crombac (French journalist of “Sport Auto”) in April 68. It was NLD 550 E and it is now 707 LN 91 still in possession of Gerard Crombac. The car had been restored at Lotus factory, but the most parts of the car have been kept original because this car had been driven by Jim Clark. The current owner, Gerard Crombac, it the author of ‘Colin Chapman, The Man and His Cars’.