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LotusElan.net provides many tools for the Lotus Elan owner to become involved. Ss with all tools, a little training and education, will make for a more pleasant experience.

LotusElan.net is comprised of three primary areas, Forums, Wiki and the Blog. Each of these areas provide different function and interactions.



The forums allow members to have discussions. Members can post and respond to a wide variety of Topics.


The wiki allows our members to easily add, edit and change Lotus Elan content. The wiki is created for our members to mass collaborative on authoring all things Lotus Elan.


The blog is our entry way into LotusElan.net. It is a highly visual, lots of pictures and limited words, for visitors to quickly look at and become engaged with Lotus Elans. The purpose of the blog is to move visitor into the forums and wiki. The blog has articles that highlight items written by our members on the Wiki and the Forums. If you have a wiki or forum article that you believe should be highlighted on the blog, please use the Contact Us page.

Mailing List

The mailing list is a daily email which provides a summary of all new topics on the LotusElan.net forums. We use Yahoo Groups for the mailing list.

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