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Crashpad refurbish

PostPost by: Donels » Sun Dec 10, 2023 3:16 pm

spyzee wrote:Bit of a timely as I was seriously contemplating doing mine/having it recovered. Nice job by the way and I'm interested in how the corners fit into the door lining. Mine just hang there without any anchoring and I can't see how they should fit/tuck in/screw in or whatever. Does anyone have some pics please?

They do sort of just hang there in the corners. They are secured by the windscreen vent grills in the centre but the ends are supported by the dashboard itself. There are no additional screws.

IMG_0517.jpeg and

IMG_0515.jpeg and

DSCF3764.jpeg and
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PostPost by: spyzee » Mon Dec 11, 2023 4:44 pm

Many thanks for the pics. Unfortunately it was a bit of a bright sun this morning in Newport and my pics are not the best but you can see my floating crashpad end on the passenger side. It is like this because the dash has obviously not been fitted back correctly at that end. I shall adjust it - I hope.

IMG_1132.JPG and

The drivers side end has two small holes in it, which I assumed was for either two screws or some form of attaching device. Does anyone else have these holes?

IMG_1134.JPG and

much appreciated
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