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PostPost by: nwbaxter66 » Fri Feb 12, 2021 7:26 pm

Some folks might remember that RTV was a 69 plus 2 that I sold when I emigrated to the US in the late 80s. Thanks to this site I was able to reconnect with the owner, well the owner's daughter. The owner has now unfortunately passed and apparently the car is going to be put up for sale.
if anyone happens to see the car up for sale, a quick post letting me know where would be most appreciated, I m not interested in buying it back, but really interested in what has been done to it. I am looking at the usual suspects but no luck so far.
It has the most interesting dual carb hump bonnet, never seen another one like it. It has had loads of money spent on it, but the daughter didn't have too much info and as I didn't intend to buy it, didn't feel like it was appropriate to push.
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