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PostPost by: gienes » Wed Oct 28, 2020 8:26 pm

hello i want to buy a +2s130, it is a project that must be finished.The problem is there is no history or a licenceplate available by this car. It stands in the netherlands is there a possibility toget information true the unit nr that is 7011150105M with motor number F123476
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PostPost by: HCA » Thu Oct 29, 2020 2:55 am

Contact the archivist at Lotus:

[email protected]" target="_blank

Have you checked with RDW as to what they need exactly as way of proof? I had some dealings with them recently when I bought a little Skoda truck from a Skoda dealer, who 'exported' the car that in effect cancelled its registration in Pays Bas, and despite RDW knowing the number, insisted I get all sorts of build docs to re-issue the number. Of course impossible to get for a 2000 Skoda, so I ended up buying a knackered Skoda here and changed the plates. They, RDW, are the pits.

I ask you to check what the sods want before you go to Lotus. Andy on the other hand is a perfect gent and will help you no end :) (might take a while to reply as they are short staffed at present.

Welcome here btw! All the info you need for your rebuild is here!
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PostPost by: trw99 » Thu Oct 29, 2020 9:12 am


First of all, the car is not an Elan Plus 2S 130. The F prefix engines were built to Special Equipment spec for the Domestic and Export markets. The Big Valve engine of the S130 was not produced until Feb 71.

The VIN has the M suffix, denoting it as a Type 50 Export model, so it is an Elan +2S.

The VIN breaks down as follows: 70=year made; 11=month made; 15=batch no; 0105=Unit No; M=Elan type and market.

The Engine No is in line with other cars produced at that time.

Andy Graham at Lotus will be able to give you the name of the dealer/importer and the Invoice No. You do not make clear if you have the original VIN plate with the car. If you do, send a photo of it with your message to Andy.

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PostPost by: SGO 2F » Thu Oct 29, 2020 5:20 pm

In full agreement with Tim, I'd like to add that the original colour was yellow and it was it was invoiced on 2/8/1971.

Contacting Andy at Lotus is the best idea. You will need photos of the car and number plate, plus there is a fee.

Good luck,

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