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Early +2 Rear seats - original fitting

PostPost by: Iyarno » Wed Mar 29, 2017 8:56 pm

TeeJay wrote:Interesting.
Today I removed my rear backrest, so that I could remove, repair / strengthen my tunnel cover.
Looking closely at the rear of the backrest, I found 2 screws, 1 broken, the other just showing.
These were behind the removable panel, so could not be seen from the front.

The position of the screws were 24 cm from the top and 8 cm in from each side.

So when its refitted, I will secure the backrest with suitable st. st. screws. :D

Ah ha. (Said in an Alan Partridge kinda way)
These are looking like an original fitting then. I would go for a bolt with a lock nut and penny washer in the wheel arch personally. But if your careful and use the same 'glass holes I guess self tappers would do the job.
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