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PostPost by: leedsj » Fri Jun 13, 2008 12:46 pm

After some modest shaking I realised my twin cam had dropped, so Susan Miller once again came up with the (very reasonably priced) goods and has furnished me with 2 new engine mounts (makes sense to replace them both I'm thinking...)

I've had the passenger's side out before to get a new manifold on - but not the driver's side. Looks like I might have to take the Delorto's out first??? but MAYBE they can be got at from underneath? Anyone have any advice?


(I'm a few months into ownership now - and I LOVE it - but these things do break a lot, don't they..?)
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PostPost by: sulzeruk » Fri Jun 13, 2008 12:48 pm

James, I am just about to change mine and it looks easiest to take them off from underneath. It is worth checking your gearbox mount as well as a leak from the gearbox had turned the rubber in mine to mush!
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PostPost by: peterako » Fri Jun 13, 2008 12:54 pm

Hi James,

In general I think it's best to make the job as easy as possible.

I think it's easy to get at some of teh bolts/nuts from under the car and some from over.

Take the carbs out (5 minute job) and get better access.

As regards things breaking lots.....depends on what state of repair teh car is in to start with!

I'm getting to the point where most things are in good repair and my break down count is very low......1 in two years, a sheared steering column :shock:

It's not a modern car which has become a simple consumable.

Older cars need looking after.

And it's well worth it :D

I is an Inginear....please excuse my speeling!
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PostPost by: Elanintheforest » Fri Jun 13, 2008 2:34 pm

I agree with Peter...get the carbs off.

The car will only be as reliable as its weakest part...it's 35 years old, which is at least 25 years beyond its designed life! If there's anything on the car that hasn't been reconditioned or replaced or that's beyond its service life...it will fail at sometime Same goes for Minis, Beetles, Bentleys and every other machine.

Trouble is, some of the 'new' repro parts available are rubbish, and don't last the time that they are meant to. Engine mountings, lotocones, diff mounts and rotoflex couplings all seem to have a very short life now...much shorter than original parts. Keep a close eye on them.

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PostPost by: Craig Elliott » Sat Jun 14, 2008 10:25 am

It's not that difficult to do the job with the carbs still on working from underneath the car (with a good support for the engine). The only other advice I've had is to not to tighten the mounts up completely until you've fitted both, removed the engine support and allowed the engine to "settle in place". I guess to reduce the stress on the mountings as far as possible.

As it seems is the case with most things that use rubber these days, they don't seem to last long - especially on the exhaust side.

As for the car breaking a lot, this is mostly down to how well the previous owners have looked after the car and how well you keep it serviced. Thinking it through there are often reasons why someone sells a car (lack of money/fallen out of love with it/other things to do), many of which will mean that there's a legacy of tasks that need to be done before it's reliable. Hopefully you'll have found a car where these are minor things. Stick with it!

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PostPost by: leedsj » Sat Jun 14, 2008 8:04 pm

Rain has ceased play, but I managed to get everything out, 3 bolts back in with 1 remaining when play commences again in the morning.

No, what I've found is that I absolutely adore driving this car... something I've experienced before with other classics - but never to such a degree. It's a like a drug. I'm hooked - so I'll have to keep it going so I can get my fix!
But it really does break all the time! Mind you, I do drive it pretty much everyday (which I guess isn't that advisable, but I intend to continue, so there!) Perhaps I should Spyder it... just feels so right as it is though... will make the trip to Peterborogh shortly though to find out I think.
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