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SJ Sportscars Still Open

PostPost by: Matt Elan » Fri Apr 17, 2020 2:42 pm

Just recieved some spares from SJ Sportscars who are still operating, although Steve has send his staff home and its just him and his wife there. This week I ordered and received some service parts, a couple of new heater control knobs (which I thought I'd struggle to find but were in stock) and a merry assortment of handbrake mechanism bits so I'll be busy this weekend. So great service in difficult time - Thanks Steve.

The heater knob issue was a bit odd - when I had the dash loose to sort out the instruments one fell off and I only noticed when I put the dash back on, then I found the other was damaged with a bit missing from the around the fixing screw. Where the one that fell off went I have no idea - the dash never left the interior of the car - it was only moved only as far as the wires and cables still attached would let it but he knob has vanished! Garage fairies at work I think....
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