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Nearly Had A Heart Attack

PostPost by: adigra » Wed Oct 22, 2014 9:19 pm

After my recent starter motor failure, Spyder came through and fixed it last week. So, yesterday I went to pick the car up. As I walked up to their workshop I could see the nose of my car through the door. Then I noticed someone's legs poking from under it, working on something. My heart sank a bit as I thought it was all meant to be done last week. As I approached I realised the engine was out, and the blood drained from my head... I had this 5 second moment of not knowing what to think, until I noticed that the windscreen was missing, and so were the door handles, the badge, etc... It slowly dawned on me that it wasn't my car at all, but an identical Wedgewood Blue S3 FHC, and the chap working on it was Brian Buckland.

I then recalled, a year or so ago, being down at Spyder, and Brian came up to ask about the colour of my car and told me he was thinking of painting his the same. It all made sense!

Spyder had a really nice Gold Leaf Sprint DHC in front, which Sean said was that colour from new. I thought it looked fantastic. They also had a really lovely FHC Sprint which seems to have just come out of a full respray. And the day I dropped my car off, a couple of weeks ago, they had an Evante in with a TRD Toyota engine (I assume similar to the 1.8 in the Elise). Never thought much of the Evante, but that one made me really want to drive it. I bet it flies!
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