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IMG_1574.jpg and
IMG_1576.jpg and
It may be of interest to Forum members that when I recently enquired for advice on plus 2 Elan Clutch issue, I mentioned that my first Lotus was Elite UHM 3, which I assumed had probably been scrapped forty years ago.
Imagine my amazement when the current owner contacted me, who could find no history of the car prior to 1975.
I was able to copy him the attached photo's of the car taken at a Hill Climb at Loton Park in the mid to late 60's and filled in what of the car's history I knew from early to late 60's. Maybe there is some other old geezer out there who can tell him more.
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Club Elite maintain a worldwide register of all Elites that were made, with details of each car known. Of the 1000 or so cars made, around 750 are known! Many have quite detailed information recorded against them....previous owners, old photos, restoration details etc.

I doubt that many cars have such a detailed register, or indeed, such a high survival rate.

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elite.JPG and

Here's a picture of its left hand drive twin, which is in a friend's collection.
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