Lotus Elan

Neither taxed nor SORN'd

PostPost by: Chancer » Mon Aug 20, 2012 10:02 am

elansprint wrote:If the car was off the road when SORN was introduced & has not been licensed since then no SORN is neccessary absolutely stupid just a waste of honest peoples time those who drive without tax and insurance dont give a toss anyway and will carry on doing so.

Why a problem?

The SORN is free is it not, and takes only about 3 minutes per year to do it on-line.

Diverse opinions what!!

I am firmly in your camp Ian :wink:
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PostPost by: AHM » Mon Aug 20, 2012 1:59 pm

Chancer wrote:Having done the vehicle checks before and once again today I can confirm that the Elan does indeed come up as unlicensed.

However the Caterham which is SORN'd cannot be found :roll:

It'll be there but probably not simply Caterham - Try Caterham seven or the other search criteria.

Spyder fan wrote:Simon,
My car was a one owner since new, he never moved house and never communicated with the DVLA, they sent him the new V5 documents as they came into effect and the V5 that came with the car was dated in the 1970's, the car wasn't taxed since 1982 when it came off the road. The DVLA computer had no knowledge of my car we had to get the details from the microfiche at Swansea to re-register the car.

Just because you have a V5 doesn't mean you are on the computer.

Apologies for the simplification to the simple description of being on the computer... Here is a more detailed version.
When Vehicle registration was centralised to the then DVLC from the regional offices with paper records the paper records were computerised centrally. The hand written log book was handed over and a V5 issued. Subsequently the computer couldn't handle the number of records and the DVLA had to archive loads of them. That the DVLA have any record of your car indicates this. If it hadn't got onto the centralised computer record they would have no information on it whatever. You would need to complete a V65 to re-register under an age related plate and a V765 to reclaim your non-transferable reg. no. together with a letter from an authorised person from a recognised club and an inspection from an authorised representative, 4 photos and some documentary evidence.

My one owner, off the road since '84 car had an old V5 like yours - all the local DVLA office did was to tear off the change of keeper section - job done!
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