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British Invasion - Stowe, VT. Sept 16-18, 2011

PostPost by: elanner » Tue Sep 20, 2011 9:04 pm

The British Invasion ran Friday-Sunday in Stowe, Vermont. http://www.britishinvasion.com/

There was a big turnout of cars. I heard sombody say 650. More Jags, Healeys, Morgans, Triumphs and MGs than you can shake a stick at. And a few of everything else too.

Lots of cute stuff, way too much to mention, but particularly smile-worthy:
- The Mini Moke and Mini Pickup/Truck, and some very good Minis
- Several Morris Minors (for which I have a big soft spot, because I learned to drive in one). Including a Traveller.
- A late model Aston Martin, MA registration plate BLIMEY
- Any of the early DHC E Types
- An Auntie Rover

On the Lotus front, a low turnout on the main showground:
- A road/race Seven
- A black/JPS Europa
- A ~350HP turbocharged (really) Elise
- An incredibly beautiful original Elite from New Jersey. Absolutely pristine
- A 70s/80s Elite
- Two M100s
- Two Esprits, one red with tartan seats. Quite a trip.
- But NO Elans. I accept some blame because I didn't take mine. I was on a day trip, and didn't want to do Boston -> Stowe -> Boston, about 400 miles, buzzing along the Interstates. Next year I'll try to get it right and go for the whole weekend.

In the car corral (where cars for sale were shown) there was, at last:
- a 1969 Elan S4 DHC, LHD, red. Not concours but it passed a quick glance test. Its doors fit better than mine (not difficult). Something wonky with one headlamp bowl - perhaps a pivot bolt is falling out. Solid interior. With lots of pictures of the rebuild, several years ago. If I was still looking to buy I would have been all over it - but when you've already purchased you don't want to know what you've missed! $25,000

However, the poor owner, a lady whose name I didn't get, told me that the water pump had failed just as she drove into the showground. And it was, indeed, very loose. She said the car had only done about 3,000 miles since the rebuild, which presumably tells you everything about the wisdom of letting them sit, doing nothing. She said that it had been running well, aside from the rattles (join the club). She also said that her mechanic, who checked the car the day before, had pronounced the water pump less than perfect but good for another year.

So it was taken off the field on a flatbed truck. I saw it heading down the main street in Stowe. I think they should have waited until dark! (There was an urban legend that they used to do that with Rolls Royces, I wonder if it was true?)

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PostPost by: spanner » Mon Sep 26, 2011 6:48 pm

1-2-3 or, 3-2-1:

Elite 3.jpg and
Elite 2.jpg and
Elite 1.jpg and
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PostPost by: memini55 » Mon Sep 26, 2011 8:30 pm


Very nice Elite which has had a major professional restoration in the very recent years. This car was at LOG 30 and was a show winner. One to be proud off.

Elites have such great lines!

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PostPost by: elanner » Thu Sep 29, 2011 2:59 pm

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that the Elite had a little envelope casually/artfully placed next to the gear lever with an old British pound note, and brown 10 shilling note sticking out of it. 30 bob, just sitting there, guv'nor! A nice touch. ;-)
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