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LotusElan.net is one month old!!!

PostPost by: jcocking » Fri Apr 09, 1999 2:24 pm

Today, we finished the first month of existence for http://LotusElan.net.
We have had the typical technical teething pains as with any new application
with various software and hardware problems.

Even with some problems, we have had 2400 visitors with 1400 unique visitors
in 30 days. This amounts to about 80 visitors a day. We are just beginning
to get good placement with the search engines, so hopefully the traffic will
continue to increase.

We have had 58 cars register. This includes every make and model from an
early S1 (26/0134) to a late Sprint/5 (73080097H), and with a 26R. A few
Plus 2's have registered, but with an active Plus 2 registry, that is
understandable. We have spanned the globe with the registry. Countries to
date include: Australia, Barbados, Canada, France, Ireland, Netherlands,
New Zealand, Philippines, Switzerland, UK and the US. The registry includes
a brief description of the car. If you have not registered, come on down.

Once a month, I will send out a notice of What's New. All items submitted
are placed on the site. (Yes I have a stack waiting to be placed on the
site, so if you do not see your submittal, I am working on it.) If you have
any items that relate to the Elan and would like to submit them, contact me
or send them to me.

That is it for now. Happy Lotusing!!!


What's New:

April 5, 1999

Updated the Works Rally S3 with new pictures and confirmation letter from

April 3, 1999

Added Buying Guide.
Added September 1969 Hot Car - Buying An Elan.
Added various pictures throughout website.

April 2, 1999

Changed wording and formatting on the initial page for better placement by
search engines.

March 30, 1999

Fixed problems with classifieds section (Hosting company had to reload
server software. Lost all counters, except for home page.

March 26, 1999

Added picture of Jacques Mazel's car

March 24, 1999

Added Classified Section due to popular demand

March 23, 1999

Added Stripping Glassfibre of Paint
Updated Owner Registry - 37 cars/owners registered

March 22, 1999

Added Lotus Elan 1500 Brochure
Added Picture of Paul Perkins' Sprint
Added a banner box to the opening page, to act as a legend
Added Lotus Elan picture as a bullet.
Added Attaching a New Veneer to a Dash

March 21, 1999

Added Steering Rack Shims

March 20, 1999

Made major changes to Tech Tips area throughout the website for easier
Added Dual Weber Tune-up
Added Finding Short Circuits
Added Tuning DCOEs
Added UK and Irish Registration Codes
Added an Automobilia section with pictures of various models available

March 19, 1999

Made some basic changes for better search engine placement
Add a Lotus Club Section in the Links page

March 16, 1999

Cleaned up several forms and added custom thank you screens
Moved web rings to secondary pages.

March 15, 1999

Added Several Webrings to site
Repairing Glassfibre
Grounding the Horn - My horn does not work

March 13, 1999

Added the What's New Page to track What's New
The Magazine Page detailing article about the Elan
Lotus Elan S4 Sales Brochure
Lotus Elan Ad - Dr. Hammond Builds his Elan
S3 Brochure
S3 SE Brochure
July 69 - Sports Car Graphic - Lotus Elan +2

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