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PostPost by: mr.vman » Wed Aug 03, 2011 2:09 am

I have permission from the LOG organization to have a discussion group, and perhaps a presentation Friday night and Saturday. Friday after the greetings, we have two reserved rooms for maybe a presentation and after, a "round table" discussion (Gary Boudreaux's good idea on the "round table"). Any ideas on attendees that would be good to have answering "classic" Lotus questions, mutual problems or ideas, let me know. This gives us another choice if you do not want to go bowling or kart racing which are both interesting acitivities. My focus is the older so called "classic" cars. Eltites, Elans, Europas, Sevens and? There could also be time Saturday for more "tech" presentations and Lotus talk, in the planning stages now. Once again, if there are ideas for presentations, speakers or? Please let me know. This is looking to be a good LOG! I hope to have some interesting information presented.
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