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The local (New England) Lotus club had an outing yesterday, and it seemed a good opportunity to further shake down the rebuilt mechanicals. So, Bill Gavin and I headed to the rendezvous, to find that the outing consisted of eleven Elises and Exiges - and us. We were the sole representative of Lotus in the 20th century. At least one of the other owners thought the car was an Elite, but they were still happy to see us.

I am pleased to say that the Elan acquitted itself well in both the handling and power departments. We were glad to have the extra 40 hp on several occasions, and wary of the prodigious stopping power of our road mates. But generally, over the road at sane (if not legal) speeds, we kept up just fine.
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Which car doesn't fit?
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Gillette Castle on the Connecticut Rive was built in the early part of the 20th century by a popular actor famous for his portrayals of Sherlock Holmes.
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The tail of the Elan is barely visible at the end of the line.
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I love the sound of a torque wrench in the morning. Sounds like... progress.
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