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Lotus Clubs Parade Le Mans 2005 - Update

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Lotus 50th Anniversary at Le Mans 2005 - Up Date

General information on what is going on and where concerning Lotus Cars click this link: <a href='http://www.seloc.org/lm05/cbw_clubs_parade.pdf' target='_blank'>http://www.seloc.org/lm05/cbw_clubs_parade.pdf</a>

There is a Lotus convoy on the Thursday morning (June 16th), going down with some of the motoring press, meeting at the last services before Abbeville on the A16 E402 southbound for between 1400 - 1500 - see the SELOC Events board for details.

For key Lotus cars taking part in the various events over the Le Mans weekend, click here: <a href='http://www.seloc.org/lm05/clubs_parade_runners.pdf' target='_blank'>http://www.seloc.org/lm05/clubs_parade_runners.pdf</a>

If you would like to take part yourself, there are still places left in the Clubs Parade for Lotus cars built between 1955 - 1980.

The Clubs Parade offers you the chance to drive over 3 laps of the full closed Le Mans circuit just hours before the race proper starts.

Hospitality over the race weekend is shared with the drivers and participants in the Legends Race and the Classic Cavalcade, your chance to rub shoulders with current and past stars of the motor racing world.

Above all its a unique opportunity to drive alongside fellow Lotus owners and enthusiasts and experience the magic of Le Mans first hand.

To join the other Lotus cars taking part, click the link, the cost is for two people and one car: <a href='http://forums.seloc.org/newsletter/4/clubs_parade.pdf' target='_blank'>http://forums.seloc.org/newsletter/4/clubs_parade.pdf</a>

Contact details within the link.
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