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PostPost by: Stagmatt » Thu Nov 16, 2023 7:38 pm

Hello all,
after a long period of hunting for a suitable project, I finally found the suitable object of desire. Actually just around the corner from my home (Stuttgart, Germany) a damaged 130/5, 11/1973, just over 100tkm was offered for an interesting price. The snag: the car had suffered paint damage from heat radiation due to a fire in the garage (see my post about this).

Well, I am glad I took the plunge. The car is in my shop now and looks and sounds better than feared. My plan is to get her registered as quickly as possible on a provisional basis, just to get familiar and find the quirks before going the whole hog. Clearly that will be necessary but can only be tackled after my present project is complete. Unfortunately the TUV certificate has just expired in August but I have hopes that it is doable to pass the inspection with a limited amount of work.

AERP3334.JPG and

AERP3337.JPG and
AERP3340.JPG and
AERP3344.JPG and

Points I have found so far:
- this is an original LHD European import, always been registered in Germany, cosmetically unmolested and in good nick

- dry sump system fitted, so must have been raced at some point. That is the only indication of hard use. I will revert to the improved wet sump.

- 4 speed box fitted. I have a T9 5 speed waiting for adaptation.

- a short dash on the road shows the engine to be in pretty brisk condition.

- original chassis (as yet uninspected), almost perfect dashboard without unsightly mods

- odd curvature of the bootlid OR body lip:
AERP3339.JPG and

- the brake boosters are inoperative. I think for the test I will remove them and go unservoed.

I will come back to this forum as I get wiser about the car and ask many questions. Let you know about the progress but do not expect serious action before summer 24.

Thanks to all for your contributions. This has already been extremely helpful!

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PostPost by: rgh0 » Thu Nov 16, 2023 9:06 pm

Hi Matthais
It looks like a great car to get on the road and enjoy. It may have been dry sumped due to the classis issue of loosing oil pressure in right hand corners on twisty mountain roads ( plenty of them nearby in the Odenwald) due to the original pick up location and baffling being inadequate. It may not have been done for track use. You need to relocate the pickup and put in baffling to fix this issue. If it does not have the standard sump them you need to start looking for one and they are not cheap at around 400 Euros.

I will be back in Germany in the summer of 24 so be good to have a look at the car.

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