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PostPost by: smaceng » Thu Jun 23, 2022 10:10 pm

Name is Scott, and considering buying a Elan S2, yellow with Black interior.
A registered gearhead since birth and Mechanical Engineer, can't get it out of my veins.
Been throught many Brit cars, Bugeyes, Big Healeys, MGs, and others like Alfa, Porsche, Miata (can I even say that word here?) and Triumphs. Some bought in boxes, others more complete. Some just drivers, others award winners.
Learned how to do bodywork, paint and welding at the local college.
Got hooked up with Mike Ostrov and his east bay band of thieves (no convictions yet) and the lotus is blooming inside my head. Learing about what big valve and +2 means here.
Cheers, Scott
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PostPost by: Pabarlow » Fri Jun 24, 2022 4:45 am

Welcome! We have had a similar automotive history, though I've never owned a big Healey (couch, farm truck, cough).
You will really enjoy the inbound mechanical engineering and outbound driving perfection of the Elan.

"Big Valve" refers to an upgrade to the Lotus Twin Cam engine to include slightly larger valves and other changes to increase horsepower. There was a prior option available, "Special Equipment" or "SE" that also increased horsepower through cam and carb changes. Lots of numbers floating around , and someone will correct me, but figure 105 base, 115 SE, and 126 Big Valve, with variations by market. In my humble opinion, engine spec is not a major consideration in choosing an Elan to enjoy.

"Plus 2" is an different car, but based on the Elan. Same basic chassis design and mechanical components, but longer and wider and with a 2+2 coupe body. Fantastic car in its own right, hard to choose between them for me.

Series 2 Elans are certainly desirable. Good luck!
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