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The Veg wrote:Welcome JDL!

This is definitely one of the very best online communities around. I'm extremely grateful for all the shared knowledge and support I've found here.

Thank you for your welcome. Yes, I am quite impressed with the scope of the technical and historical knowledge available through the group, coupled with the generous support afforded by its members. I don't join many groups of this type, but this one seems like the members, many of them exceedingly knowledgeable, hold themselves to a very high standard of friendly decorum.
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Sorry, you’re right. It is a drop head. All the best.
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nice to have you here. i lived (1st) in seattle and later on mercer island - my mother was close to weyerhausers: me less! sandy ps --- i was still a kid, but i watched (from where we lived) all of the hydroplane races AND the testing of new BOEING engines ON hydroplanes........................ ON puget sound @ 200mph?????? lovely memories ......................i dont think they do that any more?
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JDL wrote:

I suppose I'm most interested in understanding your thoughts about the various versions of an Elan (I'd want an open LHD car versus a coupe). Ultimately my interest would be in a very nice driver. Two paths...I could either achieve that end by purchasing an "all fixed up" car or embark on the full restoration myself. I'm open to either route.

I personally dont think it makes much difference which version of an open Elan you start with. The only real difference is the S1 and S2 were true convertibles with no side window frames where as the S3 and S4 where DHC with the window frames the same as the Fixed head. S1 and S2 prices especially in the UK and especially for rebuild cases are higher as they can be turned into 26R replicas and used as historic race cars

The advantage of restoring a car is you can build it to the specification you want and you know exactly what has been done to it during the rebuild, the disadvantage is that restoring a car will usually cost you more than you can buy an equivalent car for.

The best value for money approach I believe would be to look for a regularly used but not pristine car that you know the history of and know can be driven and you will not be afraid to take it out and use it.

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