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PostPost by: dmax160 » Tue Apr 28, 2015 12:15 am

after some time in Canada and a few years in...lithuania, i m back for 2 years in my native Belgium:)
I actualy came back here by pure opportunity, as since ages i was very involved in car stuff at club level just for fun, but 2 years ago unexpectedly i got call from a big dealership group who asked me if i could deal the opening of a new Lotus dealership for them as they knew i was very much activ in Lotus at club level and had some business management experience...not at all in car business though:)

that sounded good to me, so i said yes. that's now my main activity even if i still have partners in lithuania keeping alive the business i had there, and there i drecently developed too a project of indoor tailored car covers making.

i have always liked classic cars, i own 2 TVR, a classic mini and 2 S1 Elise, an Elan will for sure join them at a point, ideally it woud be a car for racing :)
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