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Bonjour !
Having learnt English a long time ago (and haven't practised enough since, shame on me !), I'll do my best to write well and understand the messages...
I have unfortunately no Elan. I'd like to but for the moment I've just bought an Europa Twin Cam that comes from the US.
I've began a full restoration, even though the car is in quite good state.
As I was missing some parts, I read adverts and met Vernon Taylor who told me about this forum.
I've began to read many posts about the twin cam engine and the Stromberg carbs.
I regret I have Stromberg Head on my engine as I know quite well the Weber DCOE, owning 2 Alfa Romeo Giulia GT, whose engine were both "tuned" with HC forged pistons, balanced crankshafts, modified camshafts, advance curve and carbs jettings...
But learning about these Stromberg is a new challenge. The other is to give back my twin-cam engine the HP it lost with the federal specifications. No more, because the 336 gearbox is weak on early Europa TC !?
After the long reading of the technical section, I might ask the specialists lots of questions !
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