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Hi, new elan +2 owner

PostPost by: robbi » Thu Feb 12, 2015 9:57 pm


Having read the site etiquette a bit more, I realized (after writing my first post) that I'd better introduce myself properly.

I recently inherited an early Elan +2 from my father. The car has been in our family since the 70s, but for most of that time it was off the road in pieces waiting for my Dad to find some time. In the end the restoration was done by a well known third party and the car is now pretty much immaculate.

I'm a massive fan of the car, it held somewhat mythical status for me as a kid and even in pieces it looked to be going a million mph. Now I can actually drive it the mystique has gone a bit but its still an impressive drive.

I do have a few questions I hope some of you will help me with, but I'll post separately.


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PostPost by: GHill » Thu Feb 12, 2015 9:59 pm

Welcome Rob

We all have boxes with parts we mean to fit - welcome to the (exclusive) club

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PostPost by: Europatc » Fri Feb 13, 2015 12:12 am

Welcome Rob
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PostPost by: pharriso » Fri Feb 13, 2015 12:25 am

This post needs pictures :D

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PostPost by: KevJ+2 » Fri Feb 13, 2015 9:06 am

Hi Rob and welcome,
I too have an early Plus 2 still in many boxes, but as the boxes empty, new ones seem to take their place :?:
Pictures,yes we need your pictures!
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