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World Bicycle Day today

PostPost by: 7skypilot » Fri Jun 05, 2020 7:48 am

Cycling in the UK has been truly wonderful over the past three months. 'Lockdown' has resulted in empty roads, and there's no noise! I rode 550 miles in May, similar for April and March, in the sunniest spring since records began!

Dave Yates built my Audax frame; I've an old Raleigh Special Products Ti , a track Fixie and a Canyon road bike. The favourite? They all have their place. The Dave Yates for really long distances; I love the 'classic' look of the Raleigh; riding fixed wheel is just such good fun, and the Canyon for speeeeeed/ time trials.

By comparison two rallies in Belgium and one in Eire have been cancelled so far this year, so I've only driven about 60 miles in the Elan in 2020!

Ride safe.
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PostPost by: h20hamelan » Fri Jun 05, 2020 2:46 pm

[quote="lotocone"]W. Kootenays - post some pictures if you get a chance.

i have too many
operated a tourism business before this, hope to get back to it if the economy picks up. Rafting, Cycling, Kayak tours
lots of good grizzly, fish, alpine pictures.
next rainy/office day I will get to it.

Slowtus, your old spring seat reminds me of my 80's bmx. added the seat in the late 90's as i figured i am not getting any lighter. but geez, i love cruising in a skate park. still do a bunch of downhill, thou no stunts. the old mining trails in the columbia, kootenay, rockies have been turned into trails in the last 20+ years. and man, are they cruzie.

in the historic archives here, there are some neat picture of horses with snowshoes, carrying iron ore in packs on their backs. sitting down too, sliding down the mountain. wow.

truith is, this valley. to revelstoke. is the worlds only inland temperate rainforest. those of us that love water, and whitewater kayaking/canoeing (i do both) now rafting as ya gotta carry the kitchen sink :roll:
thou the nice part i guess, is the port-o-potty fits bottles of wine perfectly. the good stuff goes in the pelican case
UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_ade.jpg and
W. Kootenays B.C. Canada
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